Installation of your Personal Blog Completed

Congratulations, your Netfirms Personal Blog has been installed for you.

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What is blogging?

In it’s initial days, a blog was a way to write down your thoughts and share information with the world. A blog, or web log was a way to maintain a chronicle of information and that has changed even as the act of blogging has expanded.

Today more and more blogs are being launched and as time goes on, the reach and uses of blogs has also expanded.  Ranging from personal journals to full-blown E-Commerce web sites. However, despite the use-cases of a blog expanding, blogging is still very much a means to record and share information.

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What Now?

Now that your Personal Blog is configured, you are ready to start blogging. If you would like some advice on your next steps, click on the Getting Started link at the top of the page.

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Welcome to your brand new Personal Blog.

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